Techno Tools Corporation was founded in 1999 in Miami Florida,
by a group of Engineers to design, manufacture and market diagnostic test equipment
primarily for the Air Conditioning Refrigeration, Heating, and Automotive industry.

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The J2791 Standard

Techno Tools CorporationSAE International published the new J2791 refrigerant leak detector Standard in 2008 to establish a minimum performance criterion for a modern class of electronic leak detectors.

The need to reduce refrigerant emissions has led to improved designs of cooling systems, including smaller refrigerant charges and tighter seals. That has created the need for a new generation of instruments capable of finding very small to moderate leaks, to address service repairs for effective leak detection, to consider environmental concerns, and to enhance customer satisfaction by identifying all leaks that are of a repairable size.

The Standard provides the scientific testing and functional requirements to meet the specified minimum performance criteria for electronic leak detectors. Instruments, which comply with the J2791, are robust, will identify very small refrigerant leaks, and will deliver stable performance without false-triggering distractions or cross contamination.

Techno Tools Corporation’s leak detector models D440A and D400 have been certified by an independent test laboratory to be compliant with SAE J2791.

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