B300 - 12V Battery Condition & Charging System Tester


The B300 features a testing method that does not require the battery size to be entered into the unit. Simply choose between automotive/truck battery or small automotive type batteries for testing. Eliminates tester input errors and allows the testing of batteries of unknown size. Unit can test batteries as low as 5% state of charge and still give accurate readings. LED Bar Graph immediately displays battery condition upon pressing the TEST button.


  • No conversion tables needed for CCA, SAE, IEC, EN, or Ah.
  • Battery condition is shown in percentage of capacity.
  • Uses conductance technology
  • Tests 12V starting/charging systems.
  • Tests both flooded lead acid and AGM batteries.
  • Multi-colored bar graph displays battery condition.
  • Low voltage indicator LED lights when charging is necessary.
  • Bad cell is detected and displayed.
  • Comfortable grip with easy to use clamps.
  • Tests discharged batteries
  • Patented circuitry.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Made in USA

B300 Specifications

Battery Test Range: Auto/Truck
>390  to 1400 CCA
Small Auto 100 to 390 CCA
DC Voltage: Range 3.9V to 19.9V
Voltage Accuracy +/- 2% of reading
Capacity/Volts Display LED- 3 digits
Bar graph 10 color-coded LEDs
Weight, lbs .75 lbs
Dimensions 7.5”L x 3”W x 1” H


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